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Genotyping Services for Molecular Biology Markets


Why is Genotyping Useful?

Genotyping allows customers to view differences in DNA based on genetic variants. These help customers identify specific STRs or SNPs which are found in a genome. Testing services are usually provided on a contract basis for a variety of different clients. The genotyping process is done through assays or qPCR.

Services for Microbiology and Molecular Biology Markets

In addition to genotyping, it is possible to order next-gen sequencing and STR identification services. These services are extremely powerful and can enable clients of to have a better understanding of their samples. These contract services save clients the costs associated with constructing their own wet lab facilities and enable results to come back faster. Additionally, there is no need to hire trained staff to operate laboratory equipment and perform tests.

Molecular Biology Lab Services

QPCR is one of the most common lab services, which allows for sequencing to be completed in real time. Many labs also provide kits for oligos and other uses when their clients have access to their own facilities. TaqMan sequence probes and other reagents are also very useful to their clients.

Genomic Services

Genomic services can analyze a wide range of Genomic data sets. This makes it possible to have a complete understanding of an organismic genome. A full bioinformatics analysis can be included as part of a genomic services package.


Next Generation Sequencing technology is one of the most powerful sequencing technologies which is available. This can include a full sequence of all bacterial, chloroplast, and mitochondrial DNA.


STRs are specific loci (positions) on DNA which are repeats of certain nucleotide bases. There are multiple methods for analyzing STR repeats in DNA, but most commonly used is PCR with probes attached. STRs are easily able to separate one sequence from another. STR identification is often used in genotyping procedures.