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Microbiological Services

Microbiology is the study of tiny, microscopic life forms, many of which can cause sicknesses and infections. The detection and elimination of such harmful microorganisms is serious business. It takes a team of highly trained professionals using the latest high tech equipment and methods to ensure that water supplies, medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, etc. are up to the highest of health and safety standards.

Microbiology Service Laboratories

Microbiology's more practical applications take place within the walls of a service lab. One type of testing is meant to ensure the absence of bacteria, viruses, etc. from things like public drinking water supplies. Other types of tests also exist, however.

Toxicity Testing

Toxicity testing determines if a product will do damage to living organisms. This could be done for manufacturers of household products to ensure effective germ-killing ability or to ensure those products will not harm human beings. Bio-pharmaceutical and cell therapy companies, on the other hand, want to be certain that they can keep microorganisms alive long enough to render helpful services to patients.

Microbiology as a Legal Service

Besides wanting to improve the quality of their products and to keep users safe, companies also have legal reasons to seek microbiology help. There are national and international regulations that must be complied with to keep a manufacturer from becoming liable or from seeing their products pulled off the market. A microbiology lab can help businesses comply with all relevant regulations and can help new start-up companies get well oriented.

Microbiology is a vast and interesting area of scientific research that renders many benefits to society. Tests and examinations done by trained medical professionals in a microbiology laboratory can give valuable information to a wide range of clients. Armed with such knowledge, these companies are better able to serve the public with high-quality, effective, and safe products.