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Mycoplasma Service

What is Mycoplasma?

Mycoplasma is a special genus of bacteria. They are the tiniest bacterial cells known to man, and are not easily detected by the use of regular microscopes. The bacteria do not need oxygen to survive and their cell membranes lack cell walls. The absence of cells walls means they are not affected by the actions of penicillin and other commonly-used antibiotics.

Mycoplasma affects humans, animals and plants. Tests for the bacteria are typically undertaken by laboratories that offer a comprehensive Mycoplasma Service.

Major Illnesses Caused by Mycoplasma

The pathogenic effects of mycoplasma in humans cause a number of illnesses and diseases that include:

–       Walking pneumonia

–       Various other respiratory disorders

–       Pelvic inflammatory diseases

–       A variety of cancers

Mycoplasma Detection and Identification

Our laboratory offers a Mycoplasma Service that uses a variety of techniques to detect and identify mycoplasma. They include:

–       DNA stain

–       Polymerase chain reaction/PCR

–       DNA Probe

–       Enzyme immunoassays

Ordinarily, many Mycoplasma Service providers undertake 28-day culture tests. However, modern technology has developed highly sensitive and effective devices that allow our laboratories to provide results in hours rather than days.

Presence of Mycoplasma in Cell Lines and Biotherapeutics

Cell cultures need to be pure, but cultures can become contaminated by mycoplasma. Contamination distorts the cell lines in numerous ways and makes them unstable. The distortions cause chromosomal alterations, cell transformation and impaired transport of molecules across cell membranes. These aberrations severely impact the production of biotherapeutics.

Mycoplasma Microbiology Service Laboratories

Our Mycoplasma Service includes:

–       Unparalleled mycoplasma testing and identification

–       Mycoplasmastasis assay

–       Reagent standards

–       Speedy and reliable PCR detection assay

–       Direct culture methods

–       Profiles for antibiotic sensitivity

Our Mycoplasma Service is second to none, and our commitment to quality, expertise and professionalism is your guarantee.